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British Power Signalling Register

The British Power Signalling Register
by Andy Overton.

The British Power Signalling Register is a free listing and historical analysis of all power signalling equipment installations ever commissioned in Britain from 1896 to the present day. Aimed at both the signalling enthusiast and the professional engineer, the documents present, for the first time in one place, -

- a complete spreadsheet listing of all signalbox, local control and ground switch panels of any kind utilising button or switch control
- a complete spreadsheet listing of all associated interlockings
- a complete spreadsheet listing of all power frames

These are combined into a set of cross-referenced spreadsheets to enable the use of data analysis, filtering and sorting tools.

The supporting text document provides a comprehensive explanation of the technology and its development in easy to understand language, and features around 160 photographs to aid identification of designs. Another first is the setting out of strict definitions of panel types, utilising industry-accepted names where already in use, with new sub-categorisations to add detail. Power signalling technology can now be referred to with the same universal understanding enjoyed by mechanical lever frames following earlier categorisations of that equipment.

The British Power Signalling Register represents a condensation of many decades of recording and research by a large number of signalling enthusiasts and industry professionals, and has been fully peer-reviewed by signalling historians and signalling engineers. It is intended to be a living, up to date register of the past and current British power signalling scene.


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